Christine Rebhuhn
Cold Sweat

RESIDENCY / Nov – Dec, 2015
ON VIEW / Jan – Feb, 2016

Makeshift is pleased to present Cold Sweat, a new body of sculptural work by our first artist in residence, Christine Rebhuhn. Constructed with readymade and/or fabricated components, her deceptively simple assemblages and fusion objects are the result of what she describes as, "the reorganization of objects that already have a defined place in the world." Visual synchronicities and semantic relationships are merely the impetus for work that challenges a singular interpretation. Wrestling mat + light switch. Hot tub + cooler pack. Lunch tray + side mirror. These marriages lead us into a nebulous headspace, where causality and randomness compete for authorship.

In Cold Sweat, the source material is purposefully, even comically, mundane. As malleable archetypes, they enable us to bend the administered definitions and categorical distinctions that might otherwise limit our ability to fully engage. It's a postmodern sensibility that rewards a holistic approach – even a sense of humor. In The Takedown, an oversized reproduction of a light switch rests neatly in the center of a wrestling mat. Little else remains to guide the conversation and nothing can be taken for granted since each component has the potential to appropriate, influence, or even negate the other. During our search for answers, it might be tempting to ask Christine if we're 'hot' or 'cold'. This pursuit, however, is more metaphysical musing than guided tour, so don't be surprised if her reply is, "Both."

More work by Christine Rebhuhn
Photos by PD Rearick

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by Kalamazoo College student, Kelan Gill