Lisa Walcott

EXHIBITION / August 5 - September 4, 2016

“Drafts” continues my artistic pursuit to locate shapeless sensations in visual form. The attempt to give form to mood or feeling will eventually fail. The pieces included are quick like a mark on a page, a snapshot, a sketch or a jotted note; fleeting and grasping. An initial gesture, though possibly crude can be quite poignant.

The title “Drafts” refers both to a quick iteration and air moving within an enclosed space. The stillness of a domestic setting can be safe and inviting as well as hauntingly static. A draft is a disturbance to the inside from the outside.

Many of the physical qualities (hard, heavy, soft, small) of the objects and materials used are employed to hold their position and their metaphorical characteristics (cleansing soap, illuminating light, protective clothing), which become the subject matter of the work creating accessible metaphors that are often difficult to pin down. Objects are combined to form intuitive visual phrases, gestures embody time and change, snapshots offer glimpses and marks heavily refer. There is a sense of balance that is on the verge of being lost as joints are precarious and elements within the pieces are codependent — everything has a place for now.


Lisa Walcott is a Midwest based artist. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2010, and has since created and exhibited her work nationally including Land of Tomorrow in Louisville, KY, ACRE Projects in Chicago, IL, The Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI and The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in East Lansing, MI. Her work grapples with and makes light of the perils of daily life using kinetic sculpture, installation, drawing and photography.