Hannah Knoll
Modular Modifications

RESIDENCY / Mar – April, 2016
EXHIBITION / May – June, 2016

Makeshift is pleased to present Modular Modifications, by our third artist-in-residence, Hannah Knoll. This new body of work continues to investigate her ongoing interest in the reciprocal, sometimes precarious, relationship between people and the designed world – a world interminably under construction, renovation, and transformation. Her repurposed furniture constructions and minimalist wall drawing reflect this concern, while reminding us that, as Hannah states, “…the design and structure of spaces shape actions and interactions. Interactions add up and define our communities.”

This attitude infiltrates the gallery space as well – Hannah encourages viewers to physically interact with her furniture constructions in ways that facilitate interpersonal and practical needs. Fabricated from primarily salvaged parts, leftover paints, and big-box lumber, these mobile assemblages are rough-and-ready products of a studio practice driven by a resourceful awareness of her surroundings. As audience members, how we interact with this work will temporarily redefine the space and our experiences within it. While the same can be said for most spaces, rarely are we, as users, asked to consider this often invisible relationship with our engineered world.

In Repainted Perimeters, the interplay between the room’s architectural features and the second-floor view inspires an abstracted wall drawing of Kalamazoo’s expanding city boundary since 1843. Using various shades of white paint, Hannah depicts a timeline that continues to explore broader interests that include how, and why, spaces and places evolve. And like most histories of urban development, there are unavoidable social and racial implications. Hannah’s expectations, however, are often less prescribed and perhaps smaller in scale – although it may be the accumulation of interactions that defines our communities, it’s the singular moments between a person and their environment that may interest Hannah most.



Modular Modifications, 2016
Repurposed cabinets, dimensional lumber,
miscellaneous house paints, casters

Repainted Perimeters, 2016
Assorted white paints