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BIO / Hannah Knoll received a BA from Kalamazoo College in 2013 where she subsequently completed a 2-year post-baccalaureate fellowship in art. In addition to her artistic practice, she is pursuing a career in architecture. She currently works at InForm Architecture in Kalamazoo and plans to attend graduate school in the near future.

ARTIST STATEMENT The built environment – the constructed space we inhabit – fascinates me. Everything about our physical surroundings has been designed, built, chosen or is somehow a result of human action. The structure of these spaces influences behavior and social interactions, interactions that add up to define communities. Definitions of community and subsequent actions in turn shape physical surroundings.

My work is an investigation into this reciprocal relationship between space, place and life. I paint abstracted maps, walk routes, collect photos, build furniture and create installations in order to understand my daily landscapes, what formed them, how they frame experiences and my role in the cycle of influence and creation. The pieces I make are based upon my experiences with existing spaces while simultaneously intervene in and shape the space around them. The behavioral response of the viewer is as much a part my work as the objects themselves. In interacting with the work they interact with me, just as I (or anyone) acting in a built environment is connected with all those who shaped it.

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Brian Carey

BIO / Brian Carey grew up in Kalamazoo and earned his BFA in printmaking from the Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University in 2014. Following his residency he will begin looking at Graduate Schools in pursuit of his MFA.

ARTIST STATEMENT / As the pace of scientific and technological discovery continues to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate, we may find ourselves in the unique situation of being ill equipped to inhabit the world that we have created. The advancements achieved as part of the Digital Revolution have made communication easier while, at the same time, making social interaction more ephemeral and superficial. It is becoming more and more difficult to find meaning in our consumer driven society that always promises more than it can deliver and favors the few at the expense of the many. My work is both a search for meaning and a voice to articulate the ambivalence that I feel toward the world around me.

I view the repetition involved in printmaking as a progression toward clarity and order. The mental process of breaking my original vision into its various component parts, creating them digitally or by hand, and then printing them in the proper sequence so that they create a dialogue amongst themselves and for the viewer is an impulse that gives my life purpose.

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Meet our first resident artist, Christine Rebhuhn. She received a BA from Kalamazoo College in 2011 and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2015. She recently participated in a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, and now through the end of December, she'll be hard at work in the Makeshift studio.

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